Four Fold Books,
Digital Artist Books, c. 2015
MFA Design Thesis
Advisor: Warren Lehrer

Four Fold publishes digital artists’ books. These are books that merge literature, art, and touch to create an evocative reading experience. As a digital publisher, Four Fold appeals to creative and literary spirits looking to define the abstracted digital senses. 

Four Fold's first series of publications are Portraits, short visual stories that delve into the human psyche. The publications begin with a digital triptych titled: “Inez, Ezra, and Yara,” telling the story of three individuals who come together, then fall apart. Yara (1/3) paints the portrait of a woman as she loses the lines of her palms. Inez (2/3) offers a portrait of a woman as she conceals herself in color, and Ezra (3/3) draws the aftermath. Currently Four Fold is in the process of collaborating with four additional artists-authors (Kenny Batu, Isabella Cruz-Chong/Adrien Coto, and Ariella Foss) with the hope to launch 4-6 digital artist books by Summer or Fall of 2016.

Four Fold Promotional Teaser

Interactivity: With each swipe of the page, a secondary visual narrative is told.

Interactivity: As you glide your finger across the screen, a story unfolds, propelling you forwards and backwards into narrative time.

Interactivity: With each tap of the screen, one is pulled deeper and deeper into the visual psyche of one mind.

The initial sketch for Four Fold's website allows you to discover the stories, authors, and demo-interaction of each book.