A White Asylum,
Artist Book, c. 2013
Instructor: Warren Lehrer

Design, Writing, and Collage Art

A White Asylum is an exploration of the human psyche through collage, prose, and design in book form. With its exposed spine and threaded exterior the text invites the reader to uncover the psychologically entangled portraits detailed inside. A total of ten portraits, loosely paper-clipped through-out, paint in sculptural detail the discordance between expressions of heart and entrapment of mind. Combining free form typography and institutional vernacular, followed by a shard of confessional prose the reader gains entry point into the psychological setting of A White Asylum. That being a shelter for the faces, bodies, and hands of the lovers, the alone and often, the anti-heroes. It is left up to the reader to decide whether these nameless fragments are confined to the id of one mind or whether they are simply vulnerable individuals united by the archetype of their dysfunctions.